Power Monitoring Devices PAC3100 The Low Budget Device for Digital Measurement

With SENTRON PAC3100 it's quick and easy to get started with digital measuring systems. Our entry model supplies you with more than 30 measured values on energy consumption and basic electrical variables, dispensing with the need for a multitude of individual analog measuring instruments. Thanks to its integrated communication interface and its digital inputs and outputs, flexible system integration and adjustments in the plant are always possible with SENTRON PAC3100. 


Advantages at a glance

•Simple operation intuitive user prompting, multi-language plain text displays

•Fast assembly fast, snap-in supports, assembly also possible without tools

•Integrated communication option RS485 interface with open protocol (Modbus RTU)

•Flexible adjustments to suit application Switch integration and pulse output via 2 digital inputs (internal power supply) and 2 digital outputs

•Wide range of use large scope of functions and services, e.g. measurement in 50 und 60 Hz supplies, use in plants with UL/CSA requirements, IP65 through use of standard seals

•Low space requirements compact design: 96x96x56 mm / 3.8x3.8x2.2" (WxHxD), mounting depth: 51 mm / 2"

•Transparent power distribution Start-to-finish detection of energy consumption and basic electrical variables

•Good readability even in difficult light conditions large, illuminated graphic LC display

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