Power Monitoring Devices PAC4200 The Basis for Reliable and Precise Measurements


When, where, and how much energy is used – transparent information is provided by the new SENTRON PAC3200 Power Monitoring Device. This device can be used wherever electrical energy is distributed. SENTRON PAC3200 records more than 50 electrical parameters such as voltage, current, powers, energy values, frequency, power factor and asymmetry. The compact control panel instrument supplies basic data which will give you an overview of where electricity is consumed and where energy flows in the electrical system.


 Advantages at a glance

•Wide range of use large scope of functions and services, e.g. measurement in 50 und 60 Hz supplies, use in plants with UL/CSA requirements, IP65 through use of standard seals

•Low space requirements compact design: 96x96x56 mm (WxHxD), mounting depth: 51 mm or 73 mm with expansion module

•Exact allocation of costs high measuring accuracy for energy, class 0.5S in accordance with IEC62053-22 for active energy

•Good readability even under poor lighting conditions large, illuminated graphics LC display

•Simple operation intuitive user prompting, multi-language text displays •Fast assembly fast, snap-in supports, assembly also possible without tools

•Comprehensive recording of consumption 10 energy meters for active energy, reactive energy and apparent energy, high and low tariffs, import and export

•A variety of communication options Integration into every power management system or automation system via Ethernet, PROFIBUS DP or ModbusRTU

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